Gråkallen Bygg og Utleie AS is a revised employer

Revised Employer is a quality stamp for staffing companies that was introduced in 2014

The scheme allows companies to document their quality as an employer through external auditing of routines and practices, as regards key parts of obligations under the Working Environment Act. That is, people communicated through GBU have agreed on working hours, they are secured sickness benefits and they have pension savings.

-For GBU, there is a goal to be the best employer and thereby to convey talented employers to customers. Therefore, we chose to become a revised employer.

The revised employer documents the workforce’s professionalism as an employer through auditing of the following areas: employment contracts, assessment of the risk situation of the landlord, clarification of responsibility for HSE, working hours, payroll, overtime payment, payroll upon completion of assignments, sickness benefits, follow-up of long-term sick leave and post employment. The audit takes place every other year.