Connecting skilled craftsmen and contractors

Is your company short on labour?

GBU provides competence through skilled, qualified and hard-working craftsmen, who will benefit contractors and construction companies alike.

We hire out professionals for projects, on both short-term and long-term contracts. We have foremen who can oversee and manage work on site. Our customers are able to keep their permanent employees as their baseline, and are able to handle fluctuations in the market using our tradesmen.

GBU also provides candidates with special expertise within ICT, economics, administration and engineering. We strive to be a personal and flexible partner, delivering high-quality services.


We currently have no vacancies, but we are always looking for qualified employees to become part of our team.

Please send us an open application and your CV. We consider all applications as soon as they are submitted.

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We are pleased to introduce our new magazine! Here you can get to know us better, and learn about our work. The magazine comes in both a Norwegian and a Polish edition.

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 Norwegian edition

 Polish edition